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Sophic workshops enable you to get to grips with OT and cyber challenges on a technological and managerial level, through hands-on exercises based on an active simulation of a potential cyber crisis event.

Cyber Awareness Workshop– A half-day workshop for C-level and executives, aimed at improving their cyber awareness, giving them an enhanced understanding of the main cyber decision dilemmas and how to avoid cyber management pitfalls, and creating efficient ‘cyber’ communication

OT Management Workshop– A practical, focused 3 to 5-day workshop for OT team managers, line managers and field operators, aimed at increasing their understanding of professional and cyber terminology, of  real-life threats on ICS systems and the actions they can take to reduce exposure; help them grasp and analyze common OT/IT dilemmas, and giving them detailed knowledge of attackers’ techniques and behaviors


Focused, hands-on workshops that give you:
  •  – Training for all management levels , from line management level up to Board and C-level
  •  – Measurable improvement of your organization’s cyber defense and resilience level
  •  – Mechanisms for ongoing improvement of organizational cyber sturdiness
  •  – Tools and practical recommendations for use day to day and in times of crisis
Sophic pro workshop
Customers around the world put their faith in SOPHIC to improve their cyber sturdiness
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It was beneficial for me to hear real scenarios of incidents and to be able to hear the opinions of colleagues from the Czech Republic and Israel. Learning from mistakes (our own and others) is an effective way to increase cyber security, strengthen cyber threat perceptions and build security awareness in general"
Information Manager, Cyber security in the CEZ Group Protection Department, Czech Republic
Pavel Hejduk
Information Manager, Cyber security in the CEZ Group Protection Department, Czech Republic
Amazing OT workshop. Helpful and practical, even for teams that aren't coming from the cyber world2
Operational Manager,  Electricy company in Italy
Operational Manager, Electricy company in Italy
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