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About Us
The only critical infrastructure-native cyber defense company
Our Vision
To protect critical infrastructure worldwide from cyber threats

The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is one of Israel’s leading critical infrastructure organizations, solely responsible for supplying electricity to the whole country. Operating in a very challenging geopolitical environment, we are also one of the most-targeted organizations in the world, having experienced our first cyberattack 25 years ago. This dubious distinction has driven us to always stay one step ahead and to continuously perfect our SOPHIC suite of cyber security solutions.

Only SOPHIC combines the eyes of a stakeholder, the professionalism of an internationally recognized hacker organization, and the power of the IEC’s unique AI methodology, all geared towards the cyber protection of SCADA environments and critical infrastructure.

Over the past decade, we have been at the forefront of the EU Horizon 2020 research programs, validating cyber solutions for European critical infrastructure by applying our unique experience, world-leading standards, and most advances techniques

How we do it

between master engineers and cyber security specialists- unique capabilities in implementing cyber protection to OT systems


of your organization’s cyber picture

Cyber validation

of your OT systems

End-to-End protection
  • of all systems in your organization
  • Implementing the most comprehensive solution
  • Not an of the shelf product
Future trends identification

Preparing you for threats before they occur

Compliance with standards and regulation

COMPLIANCE with the most stringent standards and regulations as they evolve


Multi-layered view of the
organizational cyber picture

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Yosi Shneck
Executive Consultant
Nissim Abadi
Deputy Director
Dr. Leonid Lev
CTO and Head of Innovative Projects
Dr. Hofit Kutai
Head of R&D
Barak Davidovich
Head of Marketing
Sorin Lupu
Head of Business

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